& and babyfrance are two websites dedicated to pregnancy and mothership, offering lot of content and tools to help young and future mothers to take the best care about their children.
Moogoo is now fully managing all technical aspect of and, including development, SEO, project managment, etc… As you could see in our blog, SEO has been drastically improved since we offered our services. This website is based on Symfony 2 PHP framework, and used several advanced tools to increase perfs such as elastic search, memcached, varnish, nginx etc… as needed to manage several millions pages viewed per months. This website is also a nice show off of our responsive desgins to adapt the view automatically according the device to offer the best user experience.

Actualites du droit belge is the now the first belgian website related to law and justice, its objective is to supply all content to let anyone getting free laws advices and avoiding heavy cost of a lawyer. This another one of the best example of our full stack web project managment, from responsive design to PHP development including SEO optimization and hosting. Thanks to moogoo succeed to become the best referenced website in search engines on its market and count more than 100000 visits per months.

Galerie Dartevelle

Galerie Dartevelle is one the most famous african art and antics seller in Brussels, located on the prestigious place of Sablon. We deliver to Galerie Dartevelle a full stack solution based on WordPress and Woocommerce and therefore avoided expensive custom solutions costs and speed up the deliverability, and it’s also a nice showoff of our responsive design abilities.


Inisphere is company found by Mr Waldo Cerdan, flight instructor on several type of airplanes, this is a typical corporate solution based on WordPress, for a very affordable price and very closed deadlines.


Famidoo is a nice and helpful guide to find activities for the family in Belgium. This is now an old project based on spip with lot of custom adaptation. An new responsive version is planned very soon.


Fiftytoo is another of our big account, it offer a great community for fifty plusser, with forums, articles, contest and much more. This is another spip based project.

Putting golf studio

This is a typical corporate project made for Julien Lepage, PGA certified golf teacher, which describe his putting golf studio activity, in addition, he’s also giving golf lesson in Louvain-la-neuve golf club.

Mobile control system

Mobile control system is a worldwide company, we offered for its belgian subsidiary company who supply throttling systems for many kind of engines. This is a custom legacy PHP project with catalog.


Luxury furniture shop in Brussels, typical corporate and catalog website.